Employment Assessments

Our HR management solutions are proven and deliver results. We measure the essential data employers need to make the best possible hiring, training, managing, and promoting decisions. Profiles International is different. Our HR management solutions and industry-leading employment assessments will help your organization succeed!


Why Assessments ?

  • Select the right person for the right job
  • Anticipate behavior
  • Clear training and development goals
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What type of solution are you looking for ?

We provide solutions for:


Includes selection and hiring


Includes training, self-coaching, and management performance .


Know which applicants share the corporate values that you expect from your workforce
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Know your people to accelerate their time to full productivity.
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Putting the right people in the right jobs improves performance and retention.
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Employee Retention

Knowing your people helps you keep them loyal and productive.
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Sales Talent

Select the right sales people and manage them to their full potential.
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Strategic Talent Management

Identify roles and individuals to drive your current and future strategies.
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Customer Service

Select and develop employees who delight customers and keep them loyal.
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Leadership Development

Identify those with the potential and desire to lead, and unlock their full potential.
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Select teams the work well together and build on the contribution of individual members.
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Managing Employee Performance

Identify and resolve performance issues proactively to improve retention and productivity
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Maximizing Employee

Know your people's inherent capabilities to maximize their contribution.
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Resolving Workplace Conflict

Diffuse the drama before it becomes a distraction and liability.
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