Outstanding businesses , large and small, have one thing in common - they need staff of high quality with great passion for the job, as it can be a challenge to find. ProfilesTMS Candidate Boosts Portal enhances the ability to attract , assess and employ the talents.

With ProfilesTMS can look forward to a whole new way to recruit . Candidate Increases portal can reduce recruitment time by 66 % or more , and costs of 40 % or more. The improved efficiency is reflected in the reports that the system holds.

Overview - ProfilesTMS Candidate Boosts Portal

Online Career Center

Promote your company and everything it has to offer with an online career center , and direct applicants through your website. Applicants create a profile the first time they visit your system , and you are thereforeare sure they get all the required information .

Central CV database

Candidates applying online at work, and attach your CV . Therefore, you can quickly search for candidates with the right skills . With many passive candidates in the database , and the advanced functions, you have great opportunity to find new talent .

Candidate Overview

All candidates have their own dashboards . With a single click you have all the key information that resume, cover letter , notes , interview history , promotions and much more.

Comply with EEO (USA / Canada )

The system collects EEO data as required information quickly and efficiently can be reported to the authorities. For the recruitment in the U.S. and Canada .

Onboarding of new employees

Rejoice that all the paperwork is done, and all the practical is clear when the new employee to come to work the first day - because you could get it all completed with a few clicks of your mouse.

Integration with Outlook

Make appointments for interviews M. M. Increases in Candidate Portal calendar and sync with Outlook - or send emails through the system and get a copy placed automatically in Outlook.