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Profiles Talent Management System (ProfilesTMS) unites talent management processes - from Profiles TMS candidate increases portal (ProfilesTMS) over medarbeidervurdringer to performance management - into one platform. With all the tools together in a system, you achieve a more effective talent management, and it is easier to comply with applicable regulations and laws.
ProfilesTMS = Candidate Increases Employee Portal + Reviews + Performance Management
Candidate Boosts Portal System

Outstanding businesses, large and small, have one thing in common - they need staff of high quality and with a great passion for the job, as it can be a challenge to find. ProfilesTMS Candidate Boosts Portal enhances the ability to attract, evaluate and hire the talent, as business manager requested.

Solid performance appraisal

ProfilesTMS integrates seamlessly with Profilesl Assessment Center thereby providing much information
  • ProfileXT (PXT)
  • Step One Survey (SOS II)
  • Profiles Performance Indicator (PPI)
  • Profiles Sales Assessment (PSA)
  • Profiles Customer Service Perspective (CSP)
  • Profiles Checkpoint 360
Performance Management for employees

Profiles TMS supports automation of the process for performance management. This innovative solution makes it easier to reconcile organizational and employee goals, and ongoing feedback between employees and managers that will promote talent further.